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Mobile Commerce


What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile Commerce, also known as mcommerce, is the ability to complete a sales transaction with a customer through their mobile device. As more of your customers use smart phones and your competition builds their own mobile apps, is your business keeping up with the changing landscape?


How Can it Help Your Business?

Mobile Commerce provides a new channel for reaching your customers in addition to a brick and motor stores and a website. It also provides a new way of interacting with your customers and collecting data that can influence how you run your business.

Deploy on Multiple Platforms

Our tool set will allow you to build apps for iPhones, Android and even Facebook Apps. Facebook apps are the easiest and fastest apps to build, and can be installed directly into your facebook page.

Building Your Apps With Us


Easy& Intuitive

Building an app is easy. Simply register, create your app, and add the products you want to sell. Add extra features such as in-store pickup, push notifications, support and much more.



We offer comprehensive tools that allow you to interact, engage and analyze your customers. We are more than just selling your product, we are also about helping you understand your customers.


How Much Is It?

Using our App Builder is FREE. No Monthly subscriptions, no hidden fees. We are a success based business, which means we only make money when you make money. We even take care of your processing fees.

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